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Cassandra Tutorials

  • What is Apache Cassandra ? How does Cassandra work ?
  • Apache Cassandra is a top level open source project from Apache Software Foundation. It was developed by Facebook for in-box search,in July 2008 facebook made it open-source. Apcahe included it in Incubator in March 2009 and later in Feb 2010 made it one of its top level project.

  • Apache Cassandra Architecture, How Cassandra Works ?
  • Cassandra Architecture is purely basic on one point that Hardware and Software Failures can happened and do happen and hence some mechanism should be implemented to deal with these scenarios without affecting the output.

  • Cassandra Inter Node Communication, seed nodes and Failure detection and recovery
  • Gossip is a peer-to-peer communication protocol that helps all the nodes to communicate and exchange state information of them and other another nodes they know about. This communication keeps on running every second and passed state inflammation to up to three nodes in the cluster. This process of exchanging state data of their own and other nodes they know about keeps all the nodes up to date.

  • Install and setup Apache Cassandra Single Node cluster on Ubuntu
  • Apache Cassandra is one the most popular No Sql database to manage large amount of structured, semi structures and un structured data across multiple data centers and the cloud. Cassandra is a write friendly nosql database to provide linear scalability, continuous availability and implementable simplicity across many commodity servers with no single point of failure.

  • Install and setup Apache Cassandra Multiple Node cluster on Ubuntu
  • In previous article we came across how to install and run a single node Cassandra cluster in Ubuntu. In this article we will come across how to setup a multi-node cluster on Ubuntu. We will try to create a cluster using 5 different machines to make a ring of 5 nodes.

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