Java Programming - Introduction

Java is a most commonly used and widely accepted object oriented programming language of today. When it comes to choosing an programming language for companies and individuals to develop a simple or complicated enterprise web application they choose Java. Java is an open source programming language with a support of wide community.

What is Java ?

1) Java is an open source, object oriented programming language originally developed by James Gosling under the roof of Sun Microsystems in 1995.

2) Java applications are platform independent, i.e. any Java program written and compiled on one platform can run on any other platform of same or distinct type.

3) Java can be used for Desktop or Web or middle-ware application development, Core Java, Jsp, Servlet are most commonly used Java variants.

4) Most popular mobile operating system Android applications are written and developed in simple Core Java.

Properties of Java

1) Open-source : Java is an open source programming language, Java source code is open to all and one can change the code and compile again to use Java in its own way.

2) Platform Independent: Java is purely platform independent, any java program written and developed on one platform can run on any other platform without recompiling it.

3) Simple: Java has a very simple and easy to understand syntax, most of the terms are inherited from C and C++ programming languages. One who has studied C or C++ can start with Java in no time.

4) Secure: Java is secure, one can write virus free, authentic and secure code with help of Java authentication and security mechanism.

5) Multi-threaded: Java is a multi threaded programming language, that means one can write a effective multi threaded application in Java to utilize most of CPU and memory.

6) Distributed: Java OS designed to be used in a network distributed way, RMI is an example of Java's distributed way of working.

7) Dynamic: Despite a lot of other features Java also has a dynamic nature, It is considered more dynamic than C and C++ because of its adopting nature towards changing technology.

Java tools

One can start write code in Java even with notepad, as far as JDK is installed on the system, although more sofesticated and managed IDE's are also there like, Eclipse, Netbeans and intellij.

About The Author

Nagesh Chauhan

Nagesh Chauhan has 8+ years of software design and development experience in variety of technologies like - Core Java, Java 8 (Streams, Lambda), J2EE (Servlet, JSP), Spring Framework (MVC, IOC, JDBC, SECURITY etc), Spring Boot and Microservices, Kafla, Redis, Cassandra and Spark.